Multidisciplinary Creative Studio

We are SUFF and we create aesthetic values for 
individual products, brands, and entire companies worldwide. 

As a multidisciplinary studio, we take 
responsibility for “building the face” of your product, 
as well as creating creative companies.

Worldwide / Based Berlin / Paris / Kyiv


01 Kasuteira / identity 

Redesign of the Kasuteira project, a dessert brand with japanese aesthetics. The kasuteira project is aimed at refreshing a brand specializing in making desserts from matcha. to create perfect flavor combinations in this project, matcha produced exclusively in the Uji region, renowned as the birthplace of the highest-quality tea in japan, 
is used.

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February 2023


02 Yonty / identity  

YONTY - identity project for a premium hand-assemble bags brand in Ukraine, is a one-of-a-kind item. Bags that have outgrown time and become a part of the owner.
Brand explores the gaps in our ecosystem, giving its products a distinctive modern shape in the present. The brand produces futuristic products from various rare pieces of fabric.
Its products are eternal but constantly modernized. 

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June 2022


03 G00D G4M3 / identity  

An identity project for a large agency where directors, choreographers and producers are gathered to create shows and productions based in London.
The main idea of the logo is a frame to the center of the image capture, from the screen for the director, also it is a frame for stretching the image, for immersion. The mark can serve as a carpet border or part of a ticket for an event. 

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May 2023


04 Yamaso / identity  

YAMASO — identity project for a Ukrainian futuristic clothes brand. 
Newborn Ukrainian futuristic clothes brand, its concept is technology, unconventional silhouettes and experimentality. 
The brand's main mission is to fight against the stereotypes of 
"how people should look'' and help to reveal one's individuality.  

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December 2022


05 Black Sheep / redesign identity 

Black Sheep — reabranding identity project for the first Pan-Asian cuisine restaurant in Dnipro.
The place was opened in 2017 and remains unique to this day.  
So we were faced with the task of a high-quality rebranding that would give a new life to the main symbol of the restaurant - the Sheep. 

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January 2023


06 Cover / Credits 

Covers and end credits for movies and music videos worldwide. 

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TEAM →Creative director /
Denis Polyakov

Producer /
Aryna  Ostapenko
Photo /
Alina Riabenko

Copywriter /
Masha Aletdinova

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