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01 Kasuteira / identity
Berlin / February 2023

February 2023

Art Direction / Denis Polyakov
Shoot / Alina Riabenko 

Graphic Design / Denis Polyakov

February 2023
Redesign of the Kasuteira project, 
a dessert brand with japanese aesthetics.
The kasuteira project is aimed at refreshing a brand specializing in making desserts from matcha. to create perfect flavor combinations in this project, matcha produced exclusively in the Uji region, renowned as the birthplace of the highest-quality tea in japan, is used.

As the foundation for the logo and corporate elements, the map of the city of uji, located in the kyoto prefecture, was chosen. this was done to emphasize the history and origin of the raw materials used in kasuteira products.
Ultimately, the kasuteira brand redesign project is intended to enrich the consumer experience and strengthen the brand's connection to japanese culture and high-quality ingredients.

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